Ticket Prices

Last updated in March 2021, 

to reflect Covid-19 situation



£5 per head, babies under

3 months are free of charge. 


For families:

If you have more than one child, we can offer a small discount and you can purchase additional siblings tickets for £4. 

At the mo, we also have an option to buy a 'HERO' ticket. As you can imagine, it has been a very tough year for performers. So if you want to and are able to, you can buy one of our Hero Tickets which has a small donation of £1.50 added. Thank you!

Loyalty Card

Unfortunately we are unable to stamp loyalty cards at the mo, due to Covid restrcitions. However, we still offer the 'Come to 5, get your 6th for free'. Just keep an eye on your bookings and let us know. 


Filled your loyalty card and ready for that sweet, sweet freebie? Email steph at steph@rockthetots.co.uk and she'll sort you out!

ONLINE GIGS£5 per device

Concert Tickets

Change in Ticket Price


Some of you may have spotted that there has been an increase in ticket price. 

Whilst the Goverment Restrictions are mandating that indoor groups do not exceed over 30, we have had to do this in order to be able to cover costs and make the gigs viable. 

Thank you for your understanding.