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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn up and pay on the day?

No. Currently, so that we can keep a tab on attendee numbers, all tickets must be booked in advance through the venue. 

How much does the gig cost?

Tickets prices are set by each individual venue. 

Can I feed my child at a Rock
the Tots gig? 

We are totally happy for you to breast or bottle feed your baby or toddler during a Rock the Tots session. However, to keep the space clean for others, we would ask you that you wait until after the gig to feed your little ones any snacks if poss. 

Can't make a gig? 

If you or your little one are poorly, our venues may be able to shift your ticket to another performance. Please get in touch with them directly.

How loud will the gig be?

Although these are live music gigs and as such they are fun and upbeat, we have carefully judged each room and the acoustics so that the music will be at a safe and comfortable volume for little ears. You will not need ear defenders. If your little one is a little disconcerted at all by the live instruments or vibrations, you may of course duck out or move to the back of the room. 

Are there baby-changing facilities? 

Yes. As parents ourselves, we know this is a must! Most of our venues have baby changing facilities on site. For the few that don't, we will be providing an area ourselves.

I've got another question, can you help?

Of course! feel free to email us at and we will get back to you asap

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