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Thank you for a great year so far!

We have had a wonderful 2022 so far, culminating in a bunch of fab summer gigs across 5 different venues, finishing with the Summer Party at Wiltshire Music Centre. Thank you to all of you who have come to gigs this year, some many times over! We've loved each and every one. 

We will have more gigs in the Autumn and in the lead up to Christmas - see more HERE

If you are a venue or a festival, and you want to book us, please contact us at

Rock The Tots is evolving...

Plans for 2022...
Things are changing for Rock The Tots!
If you are a regular to our shows, you will be used to us doing monthly gigs across different venues. However, from Jan, we are going to be focussing more on working alongside Arts Venues, who will be bringing us in and ticketing events themselves. 
"Why fix what ain't broke?" you may ask. Well the thing is - and we want to be honest with you - it WAS broke... We have a young family ourselves, and we also have other paid work running alongside Rock The Tots. Fitting in 8+ gigs a month (and managing all the ticketing and admin for them all) was proving to be a major juggle. And not in a fun, circus type way! 
So going into 2022, we are heading into Arts Centres, Theatres and Festivals, but probably on a less frequent basis. Please continue to check our website and socials to see what we are up to, and we hope you'll come and see us when you can. 
Also, if you want us to play a gig near you, tell us about your local Arts Centre and we will drop them a line to see if they'd like to have us. Or even better, tell them about Rock The Tots!



If you are a venue or a festival, and you want to book us, please contact us at

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