COVID 19 Measures... Rock The Tots are on it!

We are now allowed back in indoor venues - hooray! However, it will be a little different to the gigs we have run in the past. We read all relevant Government guidelines, and chatted at length to our venues, and so have now implemented a range of Covid specific measures.


Please read on to see what we are doing to keep you and your children safe, as well as what we need from you to make our sessions work. 

When you make your booking, an email will be sent out to you in advance of your session, so that you can have an idea of what to expect of the venue and the gig on that day. 

What Measures will Rock The Tots have in place? 

At the moment, each of our gigs will be on a very restricted number basis. We are permitted a max of 30 people in the room, including babies, and us as performers. 

Each bubble group will be sat 2m apart, and there will be a maximum of 6 in a bubble. 

Hand sanitiser will be available on the door, and we will be using this regulary ourselves. 

Until we start the performance, Craig and Steph will be wearing masks, and will put them on again after the show. 

All equipment, seating and aparatus will be throughly cleaned before and after every session. 

Where possible, windows and doors will be open for extra ventilation. 

Again, where possible, a one way system will be marked out, and if there multiple entrances to the space, different doors will be used for entrance and exits. 

The performers will ensure to keep at least 2m from attendees during the show. 

All tickets will be digital, and pre-booked only, and these will be checked by Steph on entry, at distance and without contact. 

What do I need to do? 

Please DO NOT come to a show if you or anyone in your household is displaying Covid symptoms. We will happily move your tickets to another show so you'll get to use them another time.


Please ensure you book everyone in your bubble ON THE SAME BOOKING. 

Max 6 persons in each bubble, including babies. 

We would request that adults wear masks for the duration of the show, and whilst moving around the space. No masks are needed for babies or children under 12. 

Where possible, please leave prams at home, as our venues do not have as much pram-parking space as usual. 

Follow the direction to your seating area, following the one way system if in place. Steph and Craig will be on hand to assist you. 

Please feel free to bring your own instruments and scarves. You are welcome to have a small bop and sway in your area, but sadly no loud singing or chanting. 

We know it is not always easy, but please ensure that you stay to your designated area, and keep children sat with you. We will provide you with mats (cleaned throroughly between sessions) and a chair if you'd like one.

Please do not congregate outside the space, and if there is any queue to enter please distance yourself 2m away from the person in front of you. 


At the end of the show, please follow instructions on how to safely leave the space, and please do not congregate in the room, as we need to clear asap and clean it. 


NHS Track and Trace - we will be obtaining contact information from the person booking, however, if there is more than one adult in a bubble, we may ask for their details too. 

* If you have any further questions, or would like to see our full Risk Assessment Documents, please email us and we'll be hapy to help*

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