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July 2020


Theme.... TRANSPORT!

Beep Beep! This set is about modes of transport. We will get all your fave vehicles in there, probably even a few you've forgotten about!

TUES | 14th JULY | 10:30 am | Transport | BOOK TICKET

THURS | 23rd JULY | 2:00 pm | Transport | BOOK TICKET

In June...  our theme was BESIDE THE SEASIDE!

Bring your buckets and spades people, for we are bringing you a load of tunes all about the beach. Surf's up!


Did you miss this show? You can still watch it 

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Our online gigs are currently hosted using Crowdcast, an online platform that is super easy to use and view us on!

The added bonus is that, if for whatever reason you can't make the time and date you have booked, you'll be able to watch the gig back another time.

Any issues with booking do drop us a line.

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